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SDC provides construction management, design-build, and construction/demolition services for construction projects around the world.

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New Construction

Our design and our concept of designs are based not only in the minimal condition of an idea on its own, but also in its identity, development, and modulation. In other words, we approach the concept holistically.

Identifying: the idea and/or visualizing it into a diagram or plan Developing: the plan into a design concept or a theme which is required or of relevance Modulating: the design concept into a structure that is feasible; financially, environmentally, and practically attainable. Buildings, we believe, need to create a sense of comfort for its occupants as well as its environment, hence SDC mediates in designing structures that bring in the facts and philosophies of sustainable green buildings as a resourceful perspective into design/build.

Historic Preservation/Renovation & Adaptive Reuse

We believe in the preservation of historic buildings as a form of respect, understanding and also remembrance that architecture has come a long way through the efforts of art, science and design, put together. Historic buildings are a continuation of their designers’ essences, therefore, its renovation, rehabilitation and preservation should constitute for the balance that is evoked from their classic original designs to interpretations.

Adaptive reuse in architecture sheds light on the statement of ‘waste not, want not.’ Replacing the old structures with entirely constructions may cause wastage of energy and resources, thus intelligent renovations on aged buildings although expensive, however usually economical than demolishing and constructing from scratch, preserves the originality and legacy of the building as well as securing the environment around it.

There is a story to be told from the old to the new, historic preservation in architecture does just that.

Interior Planning and Design

We recognize that each project is an expression of a client’s unique personality, thus understanding our clients’ values and artistic preferences are essential to creating custom made interior designs that are comfortable in their home, lifestyle, and/or business environment.
Interior design is a discipline that requires intrinsic research, development, analytical skill, proficiency in technology, and knowledge of codes. With these tools the designer shapes three-dimensional interiors.

A professional interior designer will help determine which design services are right for your project and will assemble the necessary team of professionals from a variety of disciplines to drive projects to proper completion.

We provide complete design services from project development to project management. We determine the materials, furnishings, fixtures, and products that are appropriate for our clients’ projects.

Forensics, Architectural, Structural & ME

SDC specializes in Architectural & Engineering Forensics to determine cause and origin of defects such as construction defects; windows, wall and roofing failures; structural problems; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing issues; accessibility issues (Persons with Disabilities ); and design errors. We strive to preserve the integrity of new and existing buildings through advanced diagnostic and forensic methods.

Forensic Services Include:

  • Architectural Review (Standard of Care)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Analysis Building Codes, Zoning, and Regulations
  • Building Envelope Analysis
  • Building Survey of Existing Conditions
  • Construction Administration
  • Cost Estimating
  • Design and Remedial Design
  • Owner’s Representation
  • Peer Review
  • Strategic Facility Programming
  • Accessibility Standards and Accessibility Compliance

Military Design: Blast/Anti-Terrorism Force Protection

Our expertise and extensive experience spans specialization in explosion effects and blast resistant design. The development of our blast resistant models combine prediction and precision analysis concepts for the relevant design. Our considerable involvement with progressive blast resistance and engineering design in par with threat assessments for commercial buildings, State organizations, and the US Department of Defense has further matured strategies in the research and development in areas such as, explosive testing capabilities, glass hazard mitigation, blast containment chambers, and load simulators.

Therefore, our services Include:

  • Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection (AT/FP) Assessment and Design
  • Blast Containment Vessel Design and Fabrication Support
  • Blast Load Prediction
  • Blast Resistant Building Design
  • Explosion Accident and Incident Investigations
  • Glazing Hazard Analysis
  • Progressive Collapse Evaluation
  • Structural Upgrades and Retrofit Design for Blast Loads
  • Window Upgrades and Retrofit for Blast

Energy Auditing

Our clients of whom are Builders, Architects, as well as small business owners and industrial organizations, have the benefit of our well assured consulting services, which also include performance efficiency testing services for buildings. We are far from being the common inspector because our energy conservation philosophy is focused on a turnkey approach, which examines the entirety of a structure (i.e. its design and structural engineering system as a whole). Keeping to this form of holistic build approach helps us maintain the greatest degree of compliance, which in turn guarantees the most advantageous and cost efficient solutions to our clients’ ventures and also their lifestyles.

Our Expertise In Energy Conservation For Buildings Include:

  • Overhead energy reduction
  • Sustainable renewable energy
  • Improvement options for energy audits

Systems For Environment Conservation:

  • Identifying existing heating and cooling loads
  • Examining best options and solutions to existing loads
  • Recommending best and most efficient equipment needed for reducing load requirements

Air Sealing & Insulating:

  • Examining existing leakages in air and insulation
  • Visual inspections and structural depressurization assessment of complete building
  • Entire building insulation analysis through infra-red technology to recognize insulation weaknesses