How is SDC different from other architectural companies?

SDC offers many different turnkey services. We take on all related approaches involved with design/build and go a step further to make the whole process of designing, constructing, LEED consulting, strategizing investment opportunities for potential investors, undertaking legalities of finding property and managing property for clients who would like to rent/lease their buildings to foreign tenants, easier for both our trusted and prospective clients.

What is LEED and how does SDC begin LEED consulting for my building construction?

SDC first discusses with the owner, architect and/or project team, the feasibility of items that must be incorporated into the project in order to establish firm environmental goals for the project if LEED certification is pursued, which ensures that the requirements for LEED Prerequisites can be achieved, as well as other optional credit. Once this is done the feasibility standards for the project can be established. After the review of documents providing assistance needed to incorporate that the LEED requirements comply with identified LEED Prerequisite and Credit goals for the project, the information will be revised and submitted for the completion of the LEED certification application process, to the USGBC.

What are the benefits of LEED certified buildings?

Being at par with the surrounding environment is hugely becoming a trend. As more and more people begin to realize that conservation not only applies to parks and reserves but also to one’s own immediate environment as well, they understand how important it is to go green. LEED certified buildings are advocates of environmentally friendly practices through design/build and their systematic process of implementing sustainability through the whole course of design and construction and also post building completion maintenance practices.

How do you establish fees for LEED certified buildings?

SDC follows the most efficient and cost effective procedures to LEED certify a project. A simple document with a breakdown of building requirements for LEED certification and the relevant fee structure can be obtained by contacting any of our offices mentioned on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

How will SDC design the style I want to be constructed?

We follow a regular and unswerving communication ties with our clients. Our teams of experts are never too busy to allow clients to contact them directly if needed. Our client requirements always come through in our work and our level of consistent communication with them is key to developing a design even at its stage of construction.

What should I expect from the design phase of the project?

The design of any structure is a big investment for a person. SDC, through the design phase of a project introduces concepts to the client based on the theme that a client requires. The designs are based on one or most of the time, more than one concept of the client’s original idea. Sustainability plays a large role in SDC’s planning and implementation of design. Room for expansion is also considered incase the client is looking to extend or expand on his property, in the future.

What if I do not understand how to read a proposed plan?

SDC simplifies design through 3D models of the building. This makes the design and future construction stages helpful for the client to read and familiarize.