Facilities Management


SDC provides the full spectrum of facility and infrastructure services for clients around the world. This includes maintenance/repair and general support services at facilities worldwide.

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Facility Support Services

SDC Provides Facility Support Services For DoD And Other Federal Clients Nation And World-Wide To Include:

  • Building Infrastructure Condition Assessments
  • Property/ Facility Maintenance
  • Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Services
  • Facility Sustainability and Environmental Compliance
  • Our seasoned engineers together with quality control and safety professionals, planners and estimators, and maintenance/ construction management and field-certified trade personnel bring extensive experience in traditional approaches, as well as cutting-edge applied technologies and sustainable practices.

Building/Infrastructure Condition Assessments

  • Real Property Inventory, Tagging, Assessment
  • Asset Management
  • Asbestos & LBP Surveys
  • Hazardous Materials Audits

Property/ Facility Maintenance

  • Facilities Investment and Preventative Maintenance
  • Municipal Services
  • Facility Repair/Renovation

Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Services

  • Tank Closure and Reporting
  • Tank System Upgrades and Installation; O&M

Facility Sustainability And Environmental Compliance

  • Sustainability Action Plans
  • P2 Program / Multi-Media Support

Navy Contract

SDC was subcontracted by NIKA to provide technical services to the Bureau of Medicine & Surgery of the US Navy. This contract was executed as a turnkey operation in 2015, to catalogue and inventory material and equipment encompassing the HVAC, fire protection and building automation systems within the naval hospital’s jurisdiction throughout the USA. Each piece of equipment in the facility was given an RFID (radio frequency identification) tag which linked it to a computer maintenance management software and transmitted its status. This enabled facility employees to perform QC and PM’s on all equipment and materials with increased efficiency.