Software Development and IT Services


Too often technology becomes a liability due to age, bad design, or poor quality. At SDC we overcome these issues with a team of highly experienced and successful professionals with a client-focused mindset. Our process always begins with an in-depth exploration of our client’s business processes and goals. On that foundation we layer strategy, process recommendations, and the right technology to improve operations and differentiate your business. The result is a technological asset that overcomes business challenges and adds value to your organization.

Our services scale to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes in both the private and public sectors.

Application Development

We build applications that transform. With a heavy emphasis on planning and analysis, we design and build applications that simplify complexity and drive ROI. A keen eye on user experience and thorough testing ensure user acceptance and quick implementations.

Software Delivery and Operations

SDC follows Continuous Delivery (CD) practices and methodologies to automate software releases and accelerate delivery. CD drives collaboration, continuous education, and stronger teams to better serve our clients.

Implementation, Operations and Maintenance

Guided by proven methodologies and strong project management, our services teams work closely with clients to ensure comprehensive yet structured implementations, followed by user training and operational support as needed.

System Integration

As organizations choose software solutions to meet various business needs, integration between those systems is critical. SDC’s API team members are experts in mapping business flows and building integrations that allow data to move seamlessly throughout an environment without manual processes.

Agile Development Services

From idea to delivery, our development teams drive efficiency and quality into every project with Agile. As Agile experts we build teams and processes that adhere to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) principles. As a result, our clients see higher performance from the SDC team and faster delivery.

Cloud Computing

Our creations are all cloud-based, meaning easy access and lower cost of ownership for our clients. In addition to our custom applications, SDC also implements and supports cloud-based productivity tools such as Microsoft 365.


Without a strong foundation, applications fail. SDC helps clients select and arrange the right infrastructural components to handle IT workloads and optimize performance.